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2017 -2018 Board Structure


With the recent appointment of the Club General Manager, the Ranelagh Board is now able to focus on more high level strategic activities.


The previous board headed by Lawrence Henderson produced a Strategy summary page with a Mission, Vision and 3 pillars being the 3 key areas of focus and the current Board have agreed to adhere to this Strategy and only tweak where necessary.


This year, and by the Articles of the Association the board consists of President, Treasurer, Secretary, 2 x Vice Presidents and 3 General Board members.  Also, the various Board member portfolios have changed to align the activities with the three pillars of the Strategy the newly formed portfolios being Development, Membership and Future Funding. There will also be a Compliance and Risk Sub Committee to ensure good governance of the club.


The allocated positions on the board are as follows:


President – Peter Hook

Overall responsibility of the club’s administration, Lead in overall development plan and guide each of the new subcommittees. Facilitate effective club management and committee meetings.


Treasurer -  Grant Snowden

All matters relating to the Financial aspects of the Club


Secretary and Chair of Compliance and Risk Committee – Ingrid Harvey


Vice President, Future Funding Director (Chair) – Astrid Saint-John

Vice President, Development Director – Geoff Aarons

General Committee, Development Director (Chair) – Mark Dillon

General Committee, Co- Membership Director – Stella McGahey

General Committee, Co- Membership Director (Chair) – Arvind Sridharan


In summary the role of the new portfolio:


 Development Committee

is to identify and plan and implement the future Capital Works Developments of the RC site.

Future Funding Committee

is to identify new revenue streams and work with Development Committee as to how to fund projects and other future operational streams

Membership Director

to oversee the “bread and Butter” activities of Sailing, Tennis and Social but also be across all membership trends and feedback.


The Board, working together with members, aims to communicate a proposed Site Masterplan by end July 2018.



Peter Hook


Club Strategy


Download a copy of the Club Strategy




Annual General Meeting



2017 AGM

We are pleased to present to members our 2016-17 Annual Report. 

> Download the Annual Report here


The Ranelagh Club's 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held at the club house on Monday 30 October at 8pm. You can download all the AGM documentation, including the Notice of Special Resolution and Committee nomination form here:

> AGM Notification


If you cannot attend the AGM, but would like to vote on the business to be conducted on the night, please complete the Proxy Form and return it to the club.

> Proxy form


Committee Nominess 2017/2018

> Nominee Bio's


Thank you to all members that attended the Annual General Meeting on Monday 30th October 2017.  A copy of the minutes may be viewed here.

> 2017 AGM Minutes


2016 AGM

The Committee would like to thank all financial members who voted and attended the AGM on 5 October 2016 at the club. Your interest in our plans for the sustainability and growth of our club, as well as reviewing how you can contribute, are much appreciated. 


The Committee is delighted to report the following results from the 2016 AGM:


> Download the 2016 AGM Minutes

> Download the 2016 Annual Report